Other Hobbies & Interests

Other Hobbies & Interests

Gig likes going to shows, concerts and sporting events and says that in 2009 he attended nearly 100 shows, concerts, sporting and miscellaneous events in Las Vegas. He also likes the “shore”, which is the “beach” for those of you not from New Jersey, and rented a portion of a summer home at the Jersey shore one summer. He also likes working out at the gym, and worked out at the same Gold’s Gym as the, at the time, 2-time defending Mr Olympia Jay Cutler http://www.jaycutler.com/ .  On September 26, 2008 Gig went to see Jay compete in the Mr. Olympia competition, but he lost.  Jay came back to eventually win 2 more and can now claim the title of a 4-time Mr. Olympia.

Gig also likes traveling and watching mixed martial arts fights, competition television shows, comedies, documentaries and a couple of so called “reality” TV shows.

Regarding reality TV, Gig has learned that there may not be any such thing as a true reality tv show that is not at least in part scripted. The following is a text correspondence Gig had with an actor friend dated April 19, 2013. Gig: I just saw you on “…….” on “…. tv channel”. Congrats on the booking- you even got to use your real name/ you did a good job but isn’t this really “Scripted Reality TV”? Wink wink! Friend: Given the confidentiality agreement that I signed…you didn’t hear that from me. Lol

Gig finds it difficult to watch most reality TV shows now that he has been involved in the acting industry, had a featured role as the subject matter playing himself in a sizzle reel for a reality TV show, received casting notices for other roles on reality TV shows, and has spoken to other actors who have worked on reality TV shows.

Gig Schmidt, motorcycle jacket and helmet, February 21, 2015

Photo taken in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 21, 2015

In June of approximately 2008, as a birthday gift Gig paid for a friend to get her motorcycle drivers test and Gig accompanied her. However, Gig failed his driving test and was disappointed because he had never failed anything that involved athleticism or physical skill. The day of the test was in June and was in approximately 115 degree heat. He was in the direct sun for possibly hours with a helmet, gloves and jeans on. He said he was noticeably delirious and was slurring when he went to take the written test which was indoors, which he passed. The written test was either on a different day of the driving test, or it was the same day before the driving test. He just remembers that immediately after the driving test, he and his classmates left the premises, and Gig went straight home to recuperate.
For the driving test Gig was very close to what he later realized was probably heat stroke, heat exhaustion and close to passing out when he was outside for his driving test. He attributed his failure to his body’s reaction to the heat. He never took the driving test again and said that he only participated for his friend’s birthday. What was important to him was that she passed, which she did.
Unrelated to Gig’s physical dilemma during his riding test, the school determined that the two motorcycle class instructors were in error about how they decided to fail Gig, so the school refunded 100% of the fee Gig paid for his motorcycle course attendance.

Gig is a student of history, politics and current events. He does not dabble in the stock market much anymore and says that in the 1990’s during the dot com boom he had a brief stint in day trading. Gig says that he felt that day trading was very similar to gambling so he stopped.

In the 1990’s Gig was very physically active training in boxing and taking dance lessons in salsa, meringue, hip hop, and in honor of his parents, swing. Gig’s parents danced the jitterbug when they were young, which is a version of swing dance.

Gig Schmidt, Marlton, NJ, August 2001

Marlton, New Jersey, August 2001


Gig Schmidt, April 16, 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 16, 2007


Gig Schmidt, April 16, 2007 -2

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 16, 2007


Gig Schmidt Arm Aug 5 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 5, 2007

Gig Schmidt, belt on shoulder, August 26 2008

Las Vegas, Nevada, August 26, 2008



Las Vegas, Nevada, August 26, 2008



Las Vegas, Nevada, August 26, 2008


Gig used to take Spanish language classes and says that he still can not speak Spanish. One if his life goals has always been to speak Spanish fluently as a 2nd language like his father.

Gig says that he enjoys traveling and has been to, or through, probably half of the states in the US. He says that his goal is to start traveling overseas but is quick to add that he must choose his countries wisely due to the current state of the world.  Coincidentally, Gig’s sister was vacationing in Egypt, an Arab country, approximately 30 days after the country’s uprising against the government and on the actual day Osama Bin Laden was killed by the American military which put all travelers, especially Americans, on high alert.  Fortunately tourist groups in Egypt were already accompanied by armed guards.  Gig’s sister also coincidentally traveled to Paris, France approximately six weeks after three Americans thwarted an attack on a train heading from Amsterdam to Paris, and four weeks before the worst terrorist attack in France’s history which was in Paris and also considered the deadliest violence to strike France since World War II.


Gig is very passionate about dogs and grew up with his parent’s following large dog breeds: German Shepherd, Weimaraner (Fritz), Doberman Pinschers (2- father and son, Storm and Fury, Gig thinks he named them and got the names from Bruce Lee movies), Samoyed (Sam-not pictured), Great Pyrenees (Bandit) and Labrador Retriever (Jet named by Gig’s father because he was jet black)


Fritz (family dog), 1960’s


Storm (family dog), also known to Gig as Skeedome, late 1960’s or early 1970’s


Fury (family dog), also known to Gig as Flufleupagis, 1970’s


Bandit (family dog), 1970’s

Jet, parents dog, June 12, 2007

Jet (Gig’s parent’s dog), also known to Gig’s parents as Puppy and to Gig as Pup Pup, June 12, 2007

Snuggles Sept 6, 2009

Snuggles (Gig’s friend’s dog), also known to Gig as Shnoo, Shnoo Shnoo, Shnoog, Shnoogie, Shmnoog, Shmnuggetts, Manoogy, Manuggett, Panuggetts, Panuggles and more, September 6, 2009

Gig Schmidt and Mugsy, puppy graduation, May 30, 2009

Mugsy (Gig’s friend’s dog), also known to his owner as Bubba and to Gig as Moogzee and Moogdoo.  Puppy school graduation with cap on.  Every Saturday Gig and Mugsy’s owner would take him to, according to Gig, “go get some learnins”, May 30, 2009

- Gig and Mugsy, March 8, 2009

Mugsy (Gig’s friend’s dog), March 8, 2009

Shannon Bowmans Dog, 2000 or 2001

Gig’s friend’s dog, unbeknownst to Gig and the dog’s owner, the dog was pregnant at the time of this photo. 2000 or 2001


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