High School

Gig attended a small private high school that did not have a football or baseball team so he played soccer, basketball and tennis. Gig played Varsity in all 3 sports for all 4 years. Gig was also the captain of the various sports teams but says that he can not recall the specifics. Gig was… Continue reading →


As a freshman Gig attended Bucknell College and started varsity soccer, Division I (NCAA) National Collegiate Athletic Association. Gig then transferred to American University which was ranked 7th in the nation in soccer when he transferred and later 2nd.  He stopped playing due to an injury and lack of interest. —————————————————————————— American University newspaper “The Eagle”, Gig… Continue reading →

After College

After college Gig trained in boxing and excelled which was expected since his father was a middle weight boxing champion in the Army. Gig’s father was also the former Chief Inspector of the New Jersey Athletic Boxing Commission and was a childhood friend, former home heating oil business partner and co worker at the New… Continue reading →

Southern New Jersey Hall of Fame

Gig was All State in soccer and set many southern New Jersey scoring records becoming the All-Time leading scorer in South Jersey history. He broke the southern New Jersey scoring records that were once held by Cleve (Cleveland) Lewis who is the older brother of the Olympic track stars Carol and Carl Lewis. He started… Continue reading →