John Levell Starks (born August 10, 1965) is an American retired professional basketball shooting guard. Starks was listed at 6’3″ and 190 pounds[1] during his NBA playing career. Although he was not drafted in the 1988 NBA draft after attending four colleges in his native Oklahoma, including Oklahoma State University, he gained fame while playing for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association in the 1990s.
Vernon Maxwell (born September 12, 1965) is an American retired professional basketball player who was a shooting guard in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for thirteen seasons during the late 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s
Gig Schmidt and Larry Johnson, CES 2016, January 6, 2016
Gig Schmidt and Larry Johnson seated, CES 2016, January 6, 2016
Larry Johnson (Larry Demetric Johnson), (born March 14, 1969) is an American retired basketball player who spent his professional career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) with the Charlotte Hornets and New York Knicks. He played the power forward position due to his strength.
Gig Schmidt and Larry Nance, CES 2016, LVCC, January 8, 2016
Gig Schmidt and Larry Nance seated, CES 2016, LVCC, January 8, 2016
Larry Nance (Larry Donnell Nance Sr), (born February 12, 1959) is a retired American professional basketball player. A 6 ft 10 in (2.08 m) forward from Clemson University, Nance played 13 seasons (1981–1994) in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member of the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers.
His #22 jersey was retired by the Cleveland Cavaliers and he has a 6 foot 9 inch tall son playing for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Gig Schmidt and Calvin Murphy, CES 2015, January 9, 2015
Calvin Murphy, a retired American professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Hall of Fame member.
Gig had an opportunity to shoot free throws with Calvin Murphy but did not.  Gig knew that Calvin once held the record in the NBA for consecutive free throws made. Gig told Calvin that he played basketball in high school but was not good enough to play in college (a Division 1, top 64 tournament team in the country). Calvin asked Gig where he was from and when Gig told Calvin New Jersey, Calvin said he was from the same “area” Connecticut.  Gig thinks that Calvin also said that his sister was from Elizabeth, New Jersey. Calvin had a lot energy and a strong presence so Gig told Calvin that he was a showman with great personality. In person Calvin appears to be about 6 feet tall or taller but was actually listed in the NBA at only 5’9″.
Gig Schmidt and Clyde Drexler, CES 2015, Las Vegas Convention Center, January 6, 2015
Clyde “The Glide” Drexler, a retired National Basketball Association (NBA) player, Hall of Fame member and ten-time All-Star, chosen in 1996 as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History to honor the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Immediately following Gig’s meeting with Clyde a film crew from ZTE asked Gig to do an on camera interview which he obliged. ZTE is a Chinese multinational telecommunications equipment and systems company, and was the host exhibitors booth that Clyde Drexler was representing at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). ZTE will probably use Gig’s interview for publicity and promotional purposes.
Gig has met and been in the presence of many professional athletes. On January 7, 2014 at the International Electronics Show (CES) convention Gig stood shoulder to hip with Shaquille O’Neal while watching a youth hip hop dance crew perform at the Monster headphones 1st ever unveiling of the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster equipped with high performance audio by Monster. Gig said that the size difference between the two of them was staggering.
Gig Schmidt, Dennis Rodman, CES 2012, LV Convention Center, January 12, 2012
Dennis Keith Rodman, a retired American Hall of Fame professional basketball player of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA), NBA All-Defensive First Team honors seven times and was voted NBA Defensive Player of the Year twice. He also led the NBA in rebounds per game for a record seven consecutive years and won five NBA championships. His biography at states that he is “arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history”.
Robert Keith Horry Jr. and Gig Schmidt, CES 2012, LV Convention Center Jan 10, 2012 -2

Robert Keith Horry Jr., a retired NBA basketball player and current sports castor with ESPN. One of only 2 players to win NBA championships with 3 different teams: 2 with the Houston Rockets, 3 with the Los Angeles Lakers and 2 with the San Antonio Spurs,

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 10, 2012


Rick Fox with Gig Schmidt, CES LV Convention Center, Jan 7, 2011

Ulrich “Rick” Alexander Fox, a retired NBA basketball player, actor, Dancing with The Stars season 11 cast member 2010. Gig jokingly asked Rick how he could get eliminated before retired National Football League (NFL) quarterback Kurt Warner, 3 time NBA Champion (2000, 2001, 2002), Boston Celtics (1991-1997) Los Angeles Lakers (1997-2004),

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las vegas, Nevada, January 7, 2011


 Gig Schmidt and Bill Walton, CES, January 6, 2011

William Theodore “Bill” Walton III, a.k.a. “The Big Red Head”a retired NBA basketball player and television sportscaster, National Basketball Association (NBA) Hall of Fame member 1993, 2 time NBA Champions (1977, 1986), NBA Most Valuable Player 1978, 2 time NBA All Star (1977, 1978), NBA Finals MVP (1977),

International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6, 2011

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