Actor part 2

On March 10, 2017, one of Gig’s acting agents offered him two roles (“Upscale Customer at the Casino and maybe a Well Dressed Fan at a Popular UFC Match”) for the March 14, 2017 filming of the television show Ray Donovan. But Gig declined them both indicating that he wanted to limit his bookings to more featured roles. His agent wrote that he completely understood Gig’s request, and two days later on March 12, 2017, the agent offered Gig two additional roles to play. (“Gig, the only things that are kind of featured for Tuesday are Ushers and Security Guards….what do you think?”). But Gig again declined.


Autograph / Picture Requests and Assistance Requests:

The first time Gig was asked for his autograph was around 1982 in Atlantic City, New Jersey at a boxing event. A young boy probably assumed Gig was a boxer when he observed a young Gig (he was still in college) dressed in a three piece suit, accompanied by a beautiful girl, sitting ringside and taking pictures with Sugar Ray Leonard and others including the referee for that day. Years later between approximately 2006-2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada some people would assume Gig was a current or retired mixed martial arts fighter when Gig attended Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. This was also at a time that Gig was working out at the gym lifting weights extensively. Gig always declined the autographs and pictures, and explained that he was not a fighter.

However, after Gig worked as a background actor in various movies, television shows, commercials, etc., if tourists learned about his acting experience some would claim that Gig was a celebrity, which he would always refute. But if they asked for a photograph, Gig would honor the request. Once, three women even took video of him.


Saturday September 9, 2017, midnight

Gig met a couple in their 20’s or 30’s in Las Vegas, from what Gig recalls might have been Minnesota. When Gig mentioned being in the movie Last Vegas, it was the husband who actually mentioned the name Redfoo who was in the scene with Gig, before Gig did which surprised Gig. Especially since the husband was intoxicated.

After the couple learned of Gig’s acting background, they asked if they could buy him a drink and spend another hour with them telling his stories. Gig declined the offer.


September 2, 2017, evening

Gig met Gabe Hernandez on the Las Vegas strip. Gabe worked in the timeshare industry but majored or minored in theater in college. He yearned for the days of performing and doing improvisation. The following week Gig texted Gabe extensive information about how he might want to persue an acting and dancing career in Las Vegas.


Sunday August 6-7, 2017, approximately 12:30am

On the Las Vegas strip, Gig overheard four women talking about the movie Girls Trip. When two of the ladies left Gig asked the two remaining women about the movie and which actress they all agreed “made the movie” and was so funny. When the subject transitioned to the movie Think Like A Man Too, one woman immediately went online on her cell phone and played the scene that Gig was in. Then one woman asked if she could take a picture of Gig with either her younger friend, or it may have been her daughter. Which Gig obliged.


Thursday August 3, 2017, approximately 11pm

Gig met a couple in their 20’s or 30’s from San Antonio, Texas on the Las Vegas strip. It was the first time the girl had been to Vegas, and after they started speaking and learned that Gig was in the movie The Hangover III, Jason Bourne, Think Like A Man Too and other movies, television shows, commercials etc., the male member of the male/female couple took a picture of his female friend with Gig. And later before the three of them parted, the girl took a three shot selfie photo of all three of them.


2017, probably summertime

Arabella Vanderbuilt, a 27 year old actress from New York found Gig’s website and stated that she was planning on going to Las Vegas and asked if Gig could advise her, and provide her with contacts in the Las Vegas market in the industry. Gig wrote an extensive email reply detailing information to assist her in her quest for acting in Las Vegas.


Friday, February 17, 2017, 11:45 pm

Gig met four tourist girls in their 20’s from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. One girl was celebrating her 21st birthday.

When Gig learned that they were on there way to Hakkasan nightclub at the MGM Resorts, he asked if they were getting in for free. When they said no, he told them he might be able to, but was not sure because it was so late. Gig gave them the phone number of his contact, who ironically is from New York, and like Gig still has a phone number from his hometown. Gig’s contact is a promotions manager for the Hakkasan nightclub group. Gig told them exactly what to text when asking if they could still get in for free? Per Gig’s instructions, their text read something like “We are 4 beautiful girls in our 20’s, 1 celebrating 21st birthday. Dressed well and on our way now to Hakkasan. Can you still get us in for free to Hakkasan, or any club?”

While they texted him and waited for a reply, Gig chatted with the girls, and one asked what Gig thought was a random question.

Girl: “If you could be any character, which one would you be from the movie …” (Gig did not immediately recognize the movie but thinks it had the word Mars in it, and a reference to Vegas).

Gig: “I’ll do you one better. Have you ever seen…” (and started naming a few of the movies and TV shows he was in).

The girls began to answer yes or no to each, interjecting personal stories until one girl broke the sequential banter with:

Girl: “What is the common thread of all of these?”

Gig: “I was in them.”

The girls were very excited and asked twice if they could take a photo with Gig.

Gig’s Hakkasan contact texted them back and said that although he was off that night, he would put them on the VIP list at Hakkasan, get them in for free, and get them free drinks. He also texted them to mention again at the club that one of them was celebrating her 21st birthday.

Gig and the girls continued chatting  about various topics and one girl asked if they could have Gig’s phone number so they can chat about things in Vegas. Gig did not reply, but he was not being rude. If you have ever had a conversation with four very excited and talkative young ladies at the same time, you quickly realize that multiple conversations can occur simultaneously. Which enabled Gig to simply select which conversations he wanted to engage.

Before parting, the girls again asked for a photo and Gig obliged. He posed as one of the girls took a group selfie photo with Gig and all four of the girls.

The girls thanked Gig for the nightclub arrangement, and for the photo. As Gig left he told them, “Have fun. Be safe. And don’t drink too much.”


December 20, 2016

Gig had two separate requests for photos, hours from one another when he was on the Las Vegas strip conversing with tourists. One group of three people each took a photo with Gig. And hours later another couple each took a photo with Gig with his car in the background because he drove it in the movie Jason Bourne (2016).


Occasionally, people that did not ask Gig for a photo would say that they wanted to memorize his face so that they can identify him when they later watch a particular movie that Gig was in. The role that seemed to prompt the most interest from tourists, particularly African Americans, was Gig as the jail guard in the movie Think Like A Man Too (2014). And for those of Indian decent, which is the second most populated country in the world, and/or for those that speak Hindi, it was Gig’s involvement in the movie Any Body Can Dance 2 (2015) that sparked the most interest.


Gig is flattered by everyone’s request for an autograph or photo/video. Even the requests which were unfounded, or due to mistaken identity.


Gig recounts the time that in September 2016 he had a conversation with a stranger outside of a Las Vegas hotel and casino. At the tail end of the conversation Gig mentioned being the jail guard in the movie Think Like A Man Too. When Gig left the man and walked over to the valet window, he turned back to the man who was now at the entrance of the hotel casino smiling while talking with his woman friend and pointing to Gig. Gig then smiled and pointed back at the couple and yelled out “Think Like A Man Too, jail guard.” The woman then smiled and pointed to Gig. Soon after their meeting, that couple probably re-watched the movie to look for Gig.


Gig encountered a hapless photo event too. On February 5, 2010 at a public event at Punishment Athletics at Hooters Casino Hotel in Las Vegas which was hosted by the mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz and his then girlfriend and mother of his children Jenna Jameson, Gig stood in line with 100+, and perhaps hundreds of people, in attendance. The event was covered by various media outlets with photographers and camera crews who were filming the event and the crowd. A woman walked towards Gig’s vicinity and aimed what appeared to be her personal camera. Gig was talking with someone he was with in line, and when he noticed the camera he turned his back and continued talking. Gig commonly turns his head or back when he sees that pictures or filming are taking place when he is not the specifically intended principle.

The girl walked towards Gig and said, “What are you doing?”

Gig: “I’m getting out of your shot and letting you get the crowd.” Which is what Gig thought she wanted anyway.

The girl: “I want your picture.”

Gig: “I don’t take pictures.”

The girl: “Why?”

Gig: “For spiritual reasons.” Gig knew that was true for some cultures, even though it was not true for him. He just thought it was a courteous reply and that she would simply aim elsewhere.

But the girl stood there staring at Gig with an angry expression as the people around them stopped their conversations in shock, and watched the girl who appeared to want to hit Gig. She eventually did walk away. Gig does not think she was part of any media organization, but just wanted his picture for some unknown reason. He does not recall if she said anything as she walked away, but if so, she probably grumbled something offensive using colorful language.


On March 15, 2016 Gig decided to retire from background acting work, also known as an extra. Gig says he will at least become more selective about the projects he works on such as:

  • projects with broad appeal,
  • projects that Gig is an enthusiast of,
  • projects with a principle actor(s) that Gig is a supporter of,
  • scenes with a smaller cast (this information may not be made available to actors prior to the shoot),
  • scenes where Gig is featured, with or without lines. (when not receiving dialogue, the feature element may not be known prior to filming).
  • projects where Gig is paid Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) rates even though he is not a union member

Gig will continue to accept roles where he is a principle with lines as he did on the following projects:

  • the feature film Pass-Thru,
  • the Reality television show “Elvis and The Colonel” where Gig played himself in a feature role, and was interviewed by Elvis and the Colonel about his legal issue,
  • the television commercial “The Cards Club” with Gig doing the entire voice-over and had two on-screen appearances,
  • the Radio Shopping Show with Gig as the radio show host


Gig might also continue to audition for specific roles.

On February 9, 2015 Gig auditioned for a Big O Tires television commercial as the shop owner, but did not get the part. This audition was not an open casting call but rather booked by one of Gig’s agents Red Agency.

On October 27, 2015 Gig auditioned for a co-starring role on Andrew Dice Clay’s new television show for 20th Century Fox. The part Gig auditioned for was Lee: Male, All Ethnicities, late 40’s-50’s.  He is the pit boss / floor manager at a Las Vegas casino, a low-key, easygoing type and longtime friend of Dice, willing to spot him a huge marker…CO-STAR ROLE.

For this role, auditions may have been over a two day period and on the day Gig auditioned he was in a room with approximately eight other people at that time of day. All of whom were Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRAunion members. Gig remembers that one person auditioning was shockingly handsome, and another spoke with the office staff about his appearance on the television show Modern Family.

Immediately after Gig’s audition, while he was still in the room where he performed the audition, Gig was asked if he was a Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) union member. Which he is not. Gig viewed the question as an indication that they may have been impressed with his audition, although Gig thought he did not do well. There were three other people in the room during his audition. One reading lines with Gig, and two others, one male and one female in the back of the room watching the audition on a monitor which they were filming. The female was the one who asked Gig if he was a union member. Gig did not get cast for the role.

Gig says that he had a difficult time remembering his four lines which could be a sign of memory loss issues, perhaps stemming from an accumulation of sports concussions he received in his youth. Years ago Gig easily remembered lengthy speeches but is unsure if he could do so today. Footnote: Jack Nicholson may have stated that the reason he retired from acting is that he was unable to remember his lines.

Gig Schmidt, Andrew Dice Clay TV Show Audition Script, October 27, 2015

Gig Schmidt, Andrew Dice Clay TV Show Audition Script, October 27, 2015 page 2 of 2

Above is the exact script Gig received the day before his audition, which is when he was booked. Handwritten notes were already on the “sides”. The term “sides” refers to the specific set of lines from the script of an acting project that an actor must learn prior to an audition. In addition to the lines that are spoken, there may be other instructions or specifications about what is going on in the particular segment(s) or sides from the script for the project. These will typically provide clues to the actor make decisions about his character’s delivery of the lines.

The audition consisted of the first page of the script only and not the second. And there were no other actors in attendance.

Andrew Dice Clay Casting Notice

The above link is the the original email casting notice Gig received for the television show with Andrew Dice Clay October 21, 2015

Gig Schmidt, Andrew Dice Clay TV Show Audition Email, October 27, 2015

Above is the email correspondence between John Barth, the owner of Red Agency and Gig.

This was not an open casting call but rather booked by one of Gig’s agents Red Agency.


Ray Donovan poster

Ray Donovan

Gig’s Role: Native American

Casting: David Anthony Casting in Las Vegas

Filming Location: Buffalo Bill’s Resort, Primm, Nevada

Filming Date: March 15, 2016

Call Time/ Check-In: 9:45 AM

Check Out: 10:00 PM

Miscellaneous Notes: Gig filmed with Jonathan Jossand with whom a fellow actor told Gig was Ted Levine.

Gig believes David cast Gig as a Native American because Gig emailed David and told him about his family’s background. In the email casting notice that Gig received it stated that they were looking for Native Americans or Hispanics. Gig believes there were 15 Native Americans cast and Gig was the only one that did not have hair that looked black. Gig is well aware that he does not look stereo-typically Native American and even wrote to David about the actor that was cast in the part for a famous television commercial from the 1960’s or 1970’s about littering and pollution, who was actually an Italian actor.

Gig has never seen or heard of this television show and says he will probably not watch it to see himself due to the small role he played and the large number of background extras used in his single scene. However, Gig is aware that you can never predict which scenes and which background actors are highlighted in the final edits as he learned from his surprise feature in the movie Rocky Balboa and his presence that did not make one of the featured scenes in the movie Behind The Candelabra.

This casting day included a large number of background actors who played Native Americans, truckers, casino employees, casino patrons, Vegas upscale types, Primm local types and others.

Gig Schmidt, Showtimes Ray Donovan TV Show Shoot, Buffalo Bills, Primm, NV, March 15, 2016

There was a wardrobe department on-set which provided Gig with a western themed suit and bolo tie. Gig wore his own boots and white shirt, and had a cowboy hat that he returned the following day.

To view video click above or click here


Jason Bourne movie poster

Jason Bourne (2016)

Gig’s Role: Classy, upscale, attractive and physically fit black tie group male member (35-60 years of age) and Las Vegas Boulevard motorist

Casting: Goldman and Associates, Las Vegas, Nevada for the classy, upscale, attractive and physically fit black tie group male member (35-60 years of age) and David Anthony Casting, Las Vegas, Nevada for the Las Vegas boulevard motorist

Filming Location: Aria Resort, Las Vegas Nevada and Las Vegas Boulevard (Las Vegas strip), Las Vegas, Nevada

Filming Date: January 18 – February 1, 2016

Movie Genre: Action, Thriller

Status: Movie is scheduled to be released July 29, 2016

Miscellaneous Notes:  More notes including videos, images and additional text coming soon

This was the longest shoot Gig has ever been on. He filmed for ten days, in addition to his driving test as a Las Vegas Boulevard motorist, and a fitting for a tuxedo for the black tie group. Previously Gig’s longest filming shoot was Rocky Balboa which he filmed in for five consecutive days in December 2005.

The actors hired as “Classy Upscale Black Tie” group members thought they were booked to be featured in the movie in a dinner scene which never happened. They did not expect to be part of hundreds of other hired actors in the evacuation scenes. The members were also surprised that there were forty people booked for the role too. They thought there would be fewer people. Perhaps six to ten people or at most, twenty.

When you see the car chase scenes in the movie, the vehicles nearest to any crashes are stunt vehicles driven by professional stunt drivers. The drivers further away are background actors hired for the scene. You can usually identify hired vehicles versus actual tourist vehicles by the number of people in the car. If there is a large number of vehicles in the scene but only one person in each vehicle, they are probably part of the film.

Gig spent six days as a driver out of about approximately twelve total days of driver filming. The drivers were considered to be part of the second unit. Gig filmed all four days that were scheduled as a part of the Black Tie Group which was considered part of the first unit. Gig was in the reporting area also known as the holding area as a driver when he was notified of his call time for the first unit as a member of the Black Tie group and had to leave the driver holding area to be able to get some sleep and report early the next morning for the first unit. This is called in the industry as double booking. Gig was originally scheduled for a late afternoon to early evening call time for the next day of filming in the first unit as a Black Tie group member but that call time was changed to early morning the next day and reported to Gig at approximately 9pm after he checked in for filming as a driver in the second unit. When Gig received his changed call time online by checking his cell phone, he immediately called his two casting agents, who were working together on this movie project, and informed them about the scheduling conflict which caused the three of them to conference call. The decision was then made for Gig to simply walk out of base camp and leave his driver holding area, and not work that night. Gig informed his agents that he could not just walk out as advised because he signed out a walkie talkie that he would need to turn in. Production would then be made aware that Gig was leaving. Gig also informed the two casting agents that there were other people that had first unit bookings for the next morning and may or may not be aware of their call times. It was then decided to go public with this scheduling conflict. David Anthony then called production at base camp to alert them. Production then made a public announcement in the holding area to determine if anyone else there had a first unit call time for early the next morning. Approximately two to three dozen people then turned in their walkie talkies and left the driver holding area and went home, not working that night as a driver.

Note: base camp is also usually the same place as the holding area, and in this case for this movie it was. Base camp is the place that actors report to and check-in to do their paperwork, and get any hair, make-up and wardrobe done. They then wait in the holding area until called to set.

For a definition of second unit please visit this link

When driving: three days he drove on the southbound side of the Las Vegas strip. One day was the filming of the limousine crash exiting the Aria Resort onto Las Vegas boulevard. One day was labelled by Billy Young, the stunt coordinator, as the “huge chase scene money shot”. One day was the lead up to the chase scene money shot. For two days Gig was stationed in the Bellagio driveway as if he was entering the Bellagio while the action was on Las Vegas boulevard heading northbound.
Production closed down all but one lane of Las Vegas Blvd in both south and north bound directions between Park Street near Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino and past Harmon Avenue in front of Planet Hollywood Resort and The Cosmopolitan Resort, and many lanes in and out of The Aria Resort were closed for filming. Even though filming productions prefer not to use white, black or red vehicles when filming, Gig was booked and does have a vehicle that is one of those colors.
The drivers reported to base camp also known as the holding area at approximately 8 pm, were then escorted to Las Vegas boulevard by police in a convoy with the side roads blocked off, and checked out at approximately 7am the next morning. Production arranged to begin their police presence and blocking lanes on the Las Vegas strip from 10 pm until 6 am. The stunt coordinator Billy Young said on the walkie talkie that “we own the strip from 10 pm to 6 am. Apparently production also controlled the Bellagio water fountain show too on at least one night of filming, January 26, 2016, because Gig heard someone on the walkie talkie saying “cue the Bellagio water fountain” before they started filming each take.
There were approximately 120-150 drivers, 30-50 stunt vehicles and an unknown number to Gig of pedestrians hired for the filming.
For the Black Tie group, the production wardrobe department provided Gig with the black tuxedo, shirt and bow tie. Gig wore his own shoes even though they did also have shoes available from the wardrobe department. Gig was paid for his fitting appointment and production also provided hair and make-up services but Gig did not use them.
Gig did not drive during this night of filming
Gig did not drive during this night of filming
Gig was on-set as a driver on this night of filming. This was the scene stunt coordinator Billy Young called “the huge chase scene money shot”. Drivers were instructed to keep their windows up in case of flying debris. Even though drivers were suppose to keep their windows up anyway for all filming scenes.
New media coverage. Gig was on set for the filming of the limousine crash. He was in the lane on the right heading up, which is southbound on Las Vegas boulevard. From the 33 second mark to the 53 second mark of the news media coverage video you will notice cars on the right side in a single file with their flashers/hazard lights on. This is how all of the drivers left the set in the morning heading back to base camp to sign out for the day.
News media coverage
News media coverage

Driving Test

Rio Hotel and Casino Pavilion Parking Lot

January 13, 2016

Reporting time for check-in: 8:30 am

Check-out time: 10:30 am (actually sooner)

The driving test consisted of groups of drivers placed in 3 lanes, and drove forward accelerating quickly to approximately 20 miles per hour while maintaining their spacing between other vehicles, while a stunt car drove swerving in between them in both directions. Heading in the same direction of the test drivers and directly towards the test drivers. The drivers were also asked to reverse their vehicles quickly in a straight line while looking over their right shoulder, and not using the rear view mirror. The stunt car was driven by Billy Young who was in charge of the driving stunt scenes. 

When checking out after his driving test session, Colleen, who was one of Billy Young’s four assistants on-set for the stunt scenes, gave Gig a handwritten 3 stars beside his name. Gig saw Colleen give another driver 1 star before Gig and assumed his star was special since others did not receive one. Gig asked about the stars and Colleen responded that Gig he was a 3 star driver.  Perhaps she liked how Gig was able to reverse in a straight line at a high rate of speed because that was all the drivers did differently from one another. Gig did not know he was going to be able to do it since he has never driven in reverse quickly, but was surprised at how easy it was.  Today’s cars are built so well that they remain in a straight line, but drivers are never put in that position. Gig says that he doubts that the vehicles that he first drove as a teenager were able to do that which was probably a time that he would have tried. 


First Day of Driving

Southbound Las Vegas Boulevard stationed in front of Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino

January 18, 2016

Reporting time to base camp for check-in: 8 PM

Drove to Las Vegas Boulevard: 10:45 PM

Check-out: 7:24 AM

Every night the drivers drove from base camp at Harmon Road and Paradise Road to Las Vegas Boulevard with police escorts, police blocked off side streets and drivers with their hazard lights on. There were approximately 120-150 hired drivers in their own vehicles for the stunt shoots, which decreased to approximately 20 drivers per day towards the 10th to 12th day of the 12 day driving shoot.  There were also 30-50 stunt drivers of the stunt vehicles which were regular cars, police vehicles, cabs, SWAT cars, chargers, etc., plus dozens or 100+ hired pedestrians. Every driver at check-in was provided with a walkie-talkie radio which were tuned into the same channel for communication. On the radio Billy Young stated that they “owned the strip from 10 pm – 6 am each night of driving. Technically, production occupied 3 of 4 traffic lanes in each direction on the strip with the 4th lane closest to curb open to local traffic until production actually filmed, and if that lane could be seen, then that 4th lane was also closed off.

Production also controlled the Bellagio water fountain show to coincide with their shoots. Gig heard directors use the phrase “cue the fountains” on the radio, later in the week, when filming was near the Bellagio.

Each night was very cold so Gig wore a t-shirt under a long sleeve t-shirt under a sweatshirt under a leather jacket with a baseball cap on to keep in the heat.  It was only a matter of time that he had to start his engine just to turn on the heater to warm up while waiting to film on the strip at night when temperatures dropped to the 30’s and 40’s.
Sitting in the car for extended periods of time with the engine running and headlights on drained some vehicle’s batteries which required immediate on-site jumps.  Gig was fortunate not to have any vehicle issues.


Fitting for Classy, Upscale, Attractive and Physically Fit Black Tie Group Male Member

January 19, 2016

Check-In: 2 PM

Check-Out: 3 PM


Second Day of Driving

Southbound Las Vegas Boulevard in front of CVS Pharmacy

January 19, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 9 PM

Check-Out: 6:45 AM


Third Day of Driving

Southbound Las Vegas Boulevard in front of CVS Pharmacy

January 20, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 8:30 PM

Check-Out: 7 AM


First Day of Filming for the Black Tie Group

Aria Resort

January 22, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 8 AM

Check Out: 8 PM

Gig partnered with a French girl.

Gig and the others in the black tie group were held in the holding area (also known in the industry as base camp) for ten hours before going to set to film. Once there, the director shot approximately six takes of the same scene with each one taking about one minute to film. Apparently Matt Damon was in the scene but Gig did not see him because Gig was towards the rear of the group of evacuees which included all forty of the black tie group members and dozens of actors playing “back of the house” Aria resort employees. Gig only filmed in approximately three of the six takes because the scene cut in the first three before Gig and his French girl partner made it to the scene’s evacuation hallway. After Gig’s first take, a film crew member went over to Gig and the French girl, and the couple in front of them, and said that they did a great job acting out the panic evacuation scene. Perhaps that scene will make it to the final movie edit. After Gig and his French girl partner received the compliment from production Gig told her, “Stick with me. I’ve got this.  That was the best compliment we could have received and you notice he only came over to us to say that.”

At the end of the day when the actors checked out, Gig spoke with another girl that was part of his black tie group who told him that she was in another scene, as another character, earlier in the week where production had a group of them in the holding area for eight hours, and then sent them all home without filming with them.


Fourth Day of Driving

Southbound Las Vegas Boulevard in front of CVS Pharmacy

January 24, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 8:30 PM

Check-Out: 4 AM


Fifth Day of Driving

Southbound stationed in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino entrance driveway

January 25, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 8:30 PM

Check-Out: 6:45 AM

On this day the drivers reported to base camp (the check in area and holding area) at 8:30 pm and drove to Las Vegas Boulevard at 10 pm. It then took approximately one hour to set up the cars for the first scene of the night.


Sixth Day of Driving

Southbound stationed in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino entrance driveway

January 26, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 8:30 PM

Check-Out: 6:30 AM

Gig drove for six days in about a scheduled twelve days due to his scheduling conflict with the 1st team shoot as a black tie group member.

Jason Bourne, Las Vegas Boulevad, January 27, 2016 1 47AM

Photo taken on-set by Gig

Jason Bourne, Las Vegas Boulevard, January 27, 2016 1 57AM

Photo taken on-set by Gig

Billy Young, Jason Bourne jump3, January February 2016

Photo of Billy Young – photo from

In between one of the shoots Billy went over to a group of drivers, which included Gig, who were standing outside of their cars on Las Vegas boulevard and told them some insider information. Billy had been in the stunt industry for over fifty years and said that he has worked with many actors including Ben Affleck, the actor currently playing Batman, and Henry Cavill, the actor currently playing Superman. He said that Henry is a very good driver and very athletic. Ben Affleck however is known for being a bad driver and joked that in one scene when Ben was driving in another movie he hit all but one car and said they had to shoot again because he missed one. Ben was actually not suppose to hit any cars.

During this Jason Bourne Las Vegas boulevard filming Billy said that the “edge”, which is the vehicle with cameras that rides beside the featured car in the action scenes had twelve cameras on it and that there were twenty six cameras inside of the SWAT vehicle. Gig spoke with another actor/driver at this meeting of actors/drivers on Las Vegas boulevard who said that he saw how they film driving scenes from the driver’s point of view. They use a vehicle with the steering wheel and pedals on the right side of the car, and set up the main camera on the left side where the driver would normally sit.


Second Day of Filming for the Black Tie Group

Aria Resort

Thursday January 28, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 1:30 PM

Check-Out: 12:45 AM

Gig partnered with Andrea

Before shooting an evacuation scene, Matt Damon and someone who appeared to be his security guard went up the escalator or stairs and stood beside Gig. Gig did notice the security guard but not Matt, and it was Gig’s partner Andrea that nudged him to alert him that Matt was there. It was then decided by the director or 1st AD (assistant director) that the scene would have Matt and the others evacuate the building with Matt descending the escalator in front of the couple that was in front of Gig and his partner Andrea. In between one of the takes, the male black tie group member in front of Gig spoke with Matt and told him about the real officer involved shooting on the strip in front of the Bellagio that took place while Matt, the black tie group and others were filming a shooting scene inside of the Aria.


Third Day of Filming for the Black Tie Group

Aria Resort

Friday January 29, 2016

Call Time/Check-In: 2:30 PM

Check-Out: 2:30 AM

Gig partnered with Andrea

On this night of filming Gig was able to watch the playback of some of the scenes immediately after shooting, and in between takes. Filming was done on approximately three cameras and after one take, and on one camera, Gig saw that he and his partner were featured, but realized that the final movie edit may not include that take or view point.

Matt Damon was again on set for all of Gig’s scenes on this day and this was also the day of the scene where the “bad guy” stabs a police officer in the Aria valet area.

On this day a 57 year old girl in Gig’s 40 member black tie group fell in one of the outside panic evacuation scenes. Gig saw her lying completely on her side even with her head and shoulders down on the ground and thought she was not conscious. The director cut the scene and Matt Damon and the director went over to her just before Gig reached her to render assistance. The next day of filming she told Gig about her conversation with Matt. Matt asked her if she was alright and she said she was fine and was tough because she was from Boston. Matt is also from the Boston area so he asked what part and they briefly chatted about where they were from. The girl stopped filming for the rest of the night after she fell and went to put ice on her side and backside. Immediately following this incident, the decision was made that the woman in heels should opt out of the scene. For one subsequent scene, Gig’s partner did opt out but it was more due to being tired of running, and her feet hurt. Gig’s partner did tell others in the group that Gig was a great partner. On the first day of shooting the evacuation scenes together Gig told her, “I got you”. And that if she were to fall he was there to catch her. After their first take down the escalator on the first day of filming she said she could tell that Gig was there for her. Gig’s partner had a dance background, as did the 57 year old that fell, and in jest, immediately after the one girl fell, Gig told his partner, “bad partnering”, to which she laughed hysterically.

Gig was also friendly with the male that was with the fallen girl, but did not say it to him. The male partner said that the guy that resembled Colonel Sanders knocked her down in the manic cross traffic. When the movie is released look for a man in a sports jacket that looks like Colonel Sanders.

After the falling scene the male partner remained and started a couple of additional scenes solo behind Gig and his partner. He said he would stay behind Gig and his partner but Gig said, “no you run around us” and used the slang phrase, “You do you”. He laughed and responded o.k., “You do you, and I’ll do me.” Surprising to Gig, the girl that fell did return to set on the next scheduled day of the black tie group but the male partner did not. Gig told her that he thought she would have gotten more soreness and stiffness after the fall and that he did not expect to see her on set but was surprised not to see her male partner. She told Gig that her partner did not return because he was scheduled to work his primary occupation as a bartender at the Four Seasons Resort.

The director and production personnel instructed the males to help care for the ladies, especially when going down the stairs and escalators. And they asked for able body volunteers to go down the stairs instead of the escalator, and invited all women going down the stairs and escalator to remove their high heels. Gig’s partner decided to wear her high heels and Gig decided to hold her similar to a country 2 step dance position with them side by side, with one of Gig’s arms around her back holding her waist and the other hand grasping her hand in front of them. Gig felt this was useful in helping her down the stairs, ensuring she did not fall and if she did lose her balance Gig could catch her and hold her up. Gig also used this hold to steer her through the group of panicked pedestrian runners. Gig rarely informed her on his direction and redirection and preferred to be spontaneous. He would run her in one direction and then stop and turn and run her back in the same direction that they came from. She said she trusted him and would just follow his lead.

At the end of this filming day the director and first assistant director gathered all of the background actors and thanked them for their participation on the movie and shook Gig’s hand and a few others. This may have been a wrap for filming with the first unit in Las Vegas. Gig can still work with the second unit as a driver with his car during the next week of all filming in Las Vegas, but Gig declined. Gig was told by another actor that the first unit was continuing filming next week in California.


Fourth Day of Filming for the Black Tie Group

Aria Resort

Monday February 1, 2016

Reporting time to base camp for check-in: 2 pm

Check-out: 3 am

Gig partnered with Jill

Gig asked Jill if she was a dancer (partner dancing) which would mean that she could follow his movements but she said she was not so Gig then asked if she would prefer to be spontaneous or to be informed of Gig’s intentions with each take. She opted to be told before each take so Gig told her exactly what he planned on doing and they were both very pleased with the results. Gig and Jill filmed together in very few of the total number of takes on this day. In the first couple of takes Gig held her hand which is what he saw other couples do but then switched to the same 2 step country dance style hold.  After the switch Gig asked Jill how she liked it and she smiled and said she felt safer. Gig said that if they were walking in the park he would hold her hand, and demonstrated by swinging their clasped hands. But in a true emergency he said he would hold her tight.

On this last day of shooting indoor evacuation scenes, the actors were not informed that a main character would be entering the scene brandishing a handgun and ordering everyone to “get down”. Almost all actors immediately went down but production did not want everyone down because they said it did not look authentic and in an actual situation some would go down and some would continue to run. They asked for those with birthdays with an even number to go down and those with birthdays with an odd number to continue on. Gig and Jill both had even number birthdays but Gig decided to ignore the request and do something original which he thought he would actually do in an emergency. Gig ran with Jill and when the actor entered the scene and yelled out “get down”, Gig stopped and crouched down with Jill. He waited a beat or two and then lifted her back up and continued running out of scene in a crouched position while positioning her away from the actor with the gun, using his own body as a shield. Immediately after the take, Gig and Jill laughed and Gig asked “how was that” and she said it was great. 


Photos below have been submitted to casting directors and acting agents, to apply for acting roles. The ones with facial hair were used for a hair cutting model show/expo.

- Gig Schmidt, White Shirt on Hand lose Up, February 17, 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2015

- Gig Schmidt, White Shirt on Hand, February 17, 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2015

- Gig Schmidt, Lt Blue Shirt Black Jacket No Tie, February 17, 2015 cropped

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2015

- Gig Schmidt, Lt Blue Shirt Black Jacket No Tie, February 17, 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2015

- Gig Schmidt, Black Suit Black Tie Lt Blue Shirt, Februar 17, 2015

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2015

- Gig Schmidt, Blue Suit, February 17, 2015 tan

Las Vegas, Nevada, February 17, 2015

Gig Schmidt January 26, 2015 gotee

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 26, 2015

Gig Schmidt January 26, 2015 gotee -5

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 26, 2015

Gig Schmidt, January 22, 2015, facial hair

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 22, 2015

Gig Schmidt, January 22, 2015, facial hair -2

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 22, 2015

Gig Schmidt, photo shoot, City Center, November 17, 2014

Prada, Crystals Shopping Center, Aria Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 17, 2014

Gig Schmidt, November 17, 2014

Aria Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, November 17, 2014

Gig Schmidt, photo shoot, downtown Las Vegas, sunglasses, November 11, 2014

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, November 11, 2014

Gig Schmidt, Green, November 11, 2014-2

Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, November 11, 2014
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